How to promote content on social media like a legendary content agency

How to promote content on social media like a legendary content agency

Combining personal accounts and company accounts for maximum impact.

I wrote about Siege Media's content engine that turns a single video into multiple smaller pieces of content across a lot of platforms.

How do they do it?

Siege recorded a 30-minute video and edited it into several shorter clips, a blog post, social posts and more.

Siege shares these smaller pieces of content (aka atomized content) from their company social profiles and the personal profiles of the people involved in creating the content. If two teammates are on camera, they both share the content on their personal accounts. The video producer and the blog author might share it too.

What's the lesson here?

Don’t be shy about posting the same piece of content to all of your accounts. Especially if it’s relevant to the audiences you following you on each of those channels.

There is another way to share the same content across all of your owned profiles. You can post it to your company account and ask that each person on your team share it from their personal account.

I haven't tested this enough to know which method is best, but either way you do it you're taking advantage of extended reach by using as many social profiles as you can.

Posting directly vs using 3rd party social posting tools

Social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook seem to reward native posts with more engagement - especially video. There is evidence that 3rd party tools don't hurt reach and engagement, but most of those studies are done by (guess who?!) the 3rd party scheduling tools. Buffer and Sendible have each shared their research. It's worth testing for yourself, but I reckon if you post natively to every account you own, you'll expose your content to different audiences each time and you might get a bit more reach.

Native means posting your content manually and directly to each platform. Upload your videos directly to a post on LinkedIn. Copy and paste your pre-written tweets into Twitter. The less you rely on scheduling tools, the higher the engagement seems to be. I reckon LinkedIn in particular rewards native posts with a lot more eyeballs (aka reach).

Leverage your team to get the engagement party started

Ask your team to like and share your new content to give it momentum and to get it in front of a broader audience. Go beyond just the people involved in creating the content and engage as many members of your organization as you can. The more your own team gets involved, the bigger and broader the reach for your content. P

People connect with people

It's worth noting here that when Siege shares content, there's one profile that nets the most engagement. It's Ross Hudgens, the CEO.

So, remember this when you're posting to all of your different accounts. One will likely outshine the others. Lean on that one and maybe put it at the centre of the sharing.

Want to see how Siege Media promotes their content?

Click here to see my take on the Siege Media Playbook on content atomization.

Peter Preston

Peter Preston

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