8 popular video ideas to supercharge your blog traffic

8 popular video ideas to supercharge your blog traffic

People are watching more video content than ever before and I'm confident this opening line will be accurate and relevant no matter when you're reading this.

As of 2021, the numbers support marketers making more video and this post is about eight simple videos that you can make even if you're recording in a home office.

If you're not convinced that adding video content to your content production system, here are some video stats:

  • 85% of people would like more video from brands (Wyzowl)
  • Online video consumption is increasing across all age groups, with big increases coming in people over 46 years old (Limelight)
  • Viewers say they retain 95% of a message they get through video (Social Media Week)

Despite this and more evidence that video consumption is skyrocketing and that people to learn through video, nearly 1/5 marketers say they don't make more of it because they lack the time and budget for it.

Making good video isn't that hard and you can bake it into you content production system. If you've read any of the earlier posts about building a daily writing habit, you know it's possible to build a consistent content production system. I think adding video to the mix is a must and these eight video types can help any one of us get started.

Start a vlog

A vlog is a video blog, straight up. A vlog can be as simple as talking to the camera or as complicated as piecing together different shots with b-roll* to make one episode. Casey Neistat uses a day-in-the-life format while Ali Abdaal takes a teaching approach. Both are killer examples of how to make a vlog and use it to grow an audience.

*What is b-roll? -- B-roll (or B roll, B-reel, B reel) is supplemental video that shows images other than your primary footage. For example, let's say you're watching an Elon Musk interview and the video cuts away to show cars being manufactured while Elon is still talking. That's b-roll. It's often used to help establish a storyline or to break up long single shots. In a vlog, b-roll can help keep viewers engaged by mixing up the visual elements.

Want to start a vlog? Sit in front fo your camera and record what you have to say. This simple format makes for an easy-to-produce podcast, too.


Another way to start simple, interviews are an amazing excuse to connect with people in your industry or field. Even if you're just getting started, a simple email pitch will get you a few interviews.

I'm learning how to be a better interviewer (it's harder than Howard Stern and Andrew Warner make it look), but if I'm genuinely curious about what a person does, it's usually easy to have a great conversation.

Want a quick target for your first few sessions? Find people within your company you can talk with. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask and have a conversation. I guarantee you'll learn heaps.

Product overview videos

What’s the best way to introduce a product? To tell people about it or to show it? Remember grade school days when you would bring something in for show and tell? This is the same thing, just in video form.

Video is a great channel to show people your product or service in action. And yes, you can show people your service in action even if it’s consulting. Epic Agile offers video production as a part of their consulting and education services, and their clients love it.

Event highlights

Have someone record speakers, hallway sessions, random interviews with people that they bump into. Events give you tons of opportunity to record footage you can stitch together as a recap for attendees and make the people who didn’t go a little jealous (maybe jealous enough to buy a ticket next time).

Virtual conferences also offer a lot of opportunity to create a nice recap video. All of your speakers are presenting to a camera already, so all you need to do is make sure to record them.

Inside access videos

Inside access videos open your doors to people who don’t know how you do what you do. This is behind-the-scenes stuff that your customers might not know about yet. Take them into your business and show them how you make your products. Show your team at work. Show the “factory floor” even if that means teammates working from home.

An inside access video opens the doors and lets people in so they can feel closer to you and your business.

What’s hot right now? If your work gives you insight into industry trends that might help your audience, share that. These videos can be someone talking directly to the camera with slides to show data and signals you see that indicate why you believe these trends are real.

Trends videos make great blog posts. Transcribe it, do some quick editing and you’ll have an article and a lot of social posts ready to go.

"Tools we use" videos

Similar to inside access but focused on the tools you use to do your work. I love seeing which apps other people are using.

Do you do this too? Every time I'm on a Zoom call I spy on the bookshelf behind my colleagues to see what they’re reading. I look at all the application icons, too. Sharing the books, apps, courses, office gear, and even the type of pencil you use can be helpful.

What are the top five tools you spend the most time on? Outline a video about those tools. Tell people what they do and why you use them and BAM! you've got compelling video content with a complementary article and lots of social posts.

Ways of working

A "ways of working" video isn’t just about the tools you use or the space you work in. Do you use agile methodology to run development or marketing sprints? Do you have a process laid out for certain tasks?

Share the steps that make you successful - if it won’t get you in trouble or allow someone to steal trade secrets, of course. I'm in a mastermind with three amazing business owners and we spend a lot of time helping each other refine our processes and ways of working - seeing how others work has made me way more efficient.

Endless video ideas

Video is the go-to medium for people looking for information and I love the versatility of it. I hope this list gives you ideas you can work into a content plan, but there are endless other videos you could produce. If you want someone to bounce video ideas off of, connect with me on LinkedIn.

Peter Preston

Peter Preston

I'm a Saas marketing manager at ThinkTilt, makers of ProForma for Jira. I'm also the founder of Dear Video, a recovering podcast host, and learning how to grown a brand on YouTube.
Brisbane, QLD