Marketing Saas? Get to know these 7 teams at your company pronto.

Marketing Saas? Get to know these 7 teams at your company pronto.

A product marketer's job is connecting lots of dots. Information comes from everywhere across an organization. Knowing the people who have that info is critical to doing your job well.

Here are 8 people and teams I seek out almost every day.

  1. Product Managers hold the keys to the product roadmap. Knowing what's coming up next let's product marketers get a head start on plans, content, and adoption campaigns.
  2. Engineers build the products we bring to market. Keeping in regular touch with engineering teams means I have an up-to-the-minute understand of how the product works.
  3. Design takes product requirements and turns them into what we see and use. The design team is where I find screenshots and creative for campaigns.
  4. Support teams are the sneakiest way to get closer to customers. The support crew sees and hears it all straight from customers. If you write copy, talk to support for real customer insight.
  5. Sales teams also share that front line customer insight. Is our positioning working? What questions do customers ask? Who are we really competing against?
  6. Solutions engineers solve problems for customers. These folks know the pain customers feel and how to craft a solution for them. Talk to this team and learn what the real benefits of your products are.
  7. Partners and resellers are another (often overlooked) source for voice-of-the-customer learning. Partners, like Solution Engineers, are problem finders and problem solvers. Look to help them sell more and they'll tell you how to do your job better.
Peter Preston

Peter Preston

I'm a Saas marketing manager at ThinkTilt, makers of ProForma for Jira. I'm also the founder of Dear Video, a recovering podcast host, and learning how to grown a brand on YouTube.
Brisbane, QLD